Orla Real Estate

Orla Real Estate AS is a Nordic capital growth and real estate income generator for professional investors


  • Orla Real Estate AS is a Nordic real estate investment vehicle, investing opportunistically in commercial property assets with long cashflows, primarily through the single-purpose-syndicated (SPV) market in the Nordics.
  • The target investor return is +10% to +12% per annum.
  • Actual returns have been in the order of +20% per annum over last +5 years, net of all fees and taxes.
  • Orla Real Estate is a company with a projected life of 6 years, being composed of an “ Investment period” of 3 years until 31.12.20 in which the company will make investments, divestments and re-invest proceeds. This will then be followed by a “realization period” until 31.12.23 when focus will be on maximizing return of capital to investors.
  • Orla Real Estate is committed to regular and rising annual distributions, providing investors with a dependable annual return. NOK20 million returned in last 4 years.
  • Management fees set at 1.5% of NAV, with 15% profit split after 8% priority return to investors. Unlike similar funds, Orla Real Estate does not charge any transaction fees or other exit fees.
  • Material co-investment from Bergvall family.